Bersub is one of the leading dive lights manufacturer in the world for more than 20 years.
Bersub manufactures various dive lights from recreational, professional (underwater engineering, photography, film making) & military use. We are able to provide very specific lights on demand too.

Our factory is based in Savoy in France. All dive lights are made in France, are very reliable and easy to use.

The dive light range is:
- LED (2.5 to 5 W) – AA or Cells – one body or head lights in 5,700 deg K and Neutral range in 4,300 deg K
- Halogen  (50 to 100 W) Р3,200 deg K
- HID (25 to 50 W) – one body or head lights – 6,500 deg K
- full range of accessories (bulbs, brushes, neoprene cover)
- Underwater housing arms.

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